Compounding Services

Compounding custom medications for those whose needs aren’t met by commercially available drugs.

  • Dosage Form Modification
  • Strength Alteration
  • Absorption Profile Adjustment
  • General Compounding
  • Removal of Harmful Dyes and Fillers
  • Production of Medications That Are No Longer Commercially Available

Fertility Services

We know that dealing with fertility treatment can be stressful. Between all the appointments, procedures, and waiting for test results – you don’t need to worry about receiving compounds too.

  • Quick Turn Times/ Free overnight shipping
  • Pharmacist Consultation
  • IVF
  • IUI
  • Egg Freezing
  • Hormone Regulation

Genetic Services

Genetic conditions, especially those affecting metabolism, can be incredibly difficult to manage, and often require specialized care and products. Our team of dedicated professionals are trained to guide you through the proper dosage forms and translate your needs into a prescription.

Specialized compounds that we offer:

  • Single Source Amino Acids as IVs, Powders, or Solutions
  • High Dose Hydroxocobalamin Injections
  • Sodium Benzoate Solutions