Turning Problems Into Solutions

Superior service, strong relationships, and skillful compounding.

About Us

Integrity Compounding Pharmacy customizes prescriptions to fit individual patient needs. This ranges from turning a tablet into a suspension for a toddler to combining multiple drugs at precise strengths for a particular patient.

We believe that a healthy and active relationship between the Patient, the Provider, and the Pharmacist benefits all parties. Please feel free to inquire about additional information or educational materials related to compounded prescriptions. We welcome the opportunity to serve you and your patients.

Our Process

Prescribers may call, fax, or e-scribe compounds directly to the pharmacy on behalf of a patient. Walk-ins are always welcome if your patient is in the Atlanta area.

Integrity will contact your patient directly upon receipt of their prescription. Typically, compounds are prepared and ready for delivery or pick-up within 24 hours.

Currently, Integrity Compounding Pharmacy does not accept any third-party insurance plans. However, we do take eligible FSA/HSA accounts and provide all patients with a Universal Claim Form so that they can file for reimbursement with their insurance company.

Qualifications & Memberships

Integrity Compounding Pharmacy is focused on being the premier compounding pharmacy in the country. We are the first pharmacy in the Southeast to be PCAB/ACHC accredited for non-sterile compounding, sterile compounding AND hazardous drug handling. We are also a proud members of the Alliance for Pharmacy Compounding and the Georgia Pharmacy Association.