Genetic Services

Genetic conditions can be incredibly difficult to manage. Our team of dedicated professionals is here to guide you through the proper dosage forms and translate your needs into a prescription.

Customized Amino Acid Solutions

High Dose Hydroxocobalamin Injections

Sodium Benzoate Solutions

Single Source Amino Acids as IVs

Powders Packaged Individually or in Bulk

Oral Solutions and Suspensions Packaged by Unit or in Bulk

Using Our Connections For You

  • An Extensive Logistical Network
  • Same Day Courier Service
  • High Priority Customer Service

It can be difficult to find a reliable pharmacy that you can count on. You need a pharmacy that you can trust to deliver your medications on time and without errors.

Integrity Compounding Pharmacy is here for you. We have extensive logistic networks, same or next day delivery service, and high priority customer service so we can accommodate all patients in a quick manner with accuracy and detail. We also have experienced pharmacists that can guide your team in translating your needs into a prescription if needed.